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If you're looking for a sign. This ain't it.

This 'sign' posted by a Level 4 CrossFit Coach and educator to his instagram account has caused quite a lot of discussion for good reason.

Nutrition is the base of the crossfit pyramid and most fitness professionals would agree is a cornerstone of any worthwhile wellness programme.

What good nutrition looks like is dependent of your circumstances, needs and desired outcomes one size does not fit all.

A good fitness trainer or coach, one who is empathic, and knowledgeable will recognise this. They will work with you to ascertain how you can maximise your diet AND enjoy your life. This isn't something you or they need a prescribed a 'plan' for.

Should trainers walk their talk? Absolutely. It would be in authentic not to, however what  that looks like is personal to them and not a prerequisite as to whether they are capable of being a good trainer.

The issue with fitness, particularly on social media is it is aesthetics driven. Training videos are highlight reels and good genetics are often why someone looks the way they do. Ironically many get into fitness because 'they look like a trainer' as opposed to them being any good.

And here in lies the problem this click bait, non nuanced post over looks. 

Essentially it's saying.

You could have the most uneducated, harmful understanding of and relationship to food, you could be a misogynist, un trustworthy, unempathic,  uneducated, culturally insensitive Coach but as long as YOU follow a nutrition plan (of which the author is pretty vague as to what one that is) you're OK to coach others 🤔

Food is a highly emotive and triggering subject for many people, one many personal trainers, CF-L1, Precision Nutrition L1 coaches are not equipped to deal with for themselves let alone others.

The only thing this post/thinking is encouraging is the perpetuation of poor nutritional advice, shame and stigma packaged up as 'expertise' that no one, Coaches, clients or gym members benefit from.

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