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Should I 'compete' in CrossFit?

Is what coaches are often asked and in reference to the everyday athlete, my answer is 'maybe.'

Though for me the main question is why do you want to?

Competitions and physical challenges are a great way to push performance, get out of your comfort zone, add focus and goals, meet new people, test your training, build self-efficacy, gain confidence, grow as an athlete, get cool photos and create fun memories!

That said, its not for everyone and that's more than OK.

Preparing for competitions of any level will, for a period of time, require your training to be specific to the competition skills/programming rather than your individual needs, can be expensive (entry, travel, accommodation) time consuming and in some cases, exacerbate underlying anxieties around progress/performance leading to unhealthy comparison.

And it's easy to get caught up and get in your head, especially if you're still figuring out what fitness means to you. 

If the priority is to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself or beat everyone for the sake of beating everyone, that might be a cue to reflect on why you train in the first place and what purpose your training serves.

That said I love competitions for all of the positives and its nothing to do with the score.


Physical challenges and comps can positively push you, change you, humble you and turn your ideas about what you're capable of on their head, all of which can directly benefit your life outside the gym.

And ultimately that's what we're training for right? Life, longevity, wellbeing and the ability to show up as our best selves for all the people and situations we care most about inside and outside the gym.

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