• Sophia Smith

Sun, Sea and Burpees

As the days get shorter and colder its hard not to think about escaping to warmer climates. Holidays/vacations are a great short term incentive to get bikini fit, though if we’re honest can get in the way of longer term goals, if you undo all your hard work while away. Unless you’re on an activity holiday its likely that you may end up moving less and consuming more. But you can avoid or at least manage it so you don’t have to start from scratch when you get home and the holiday blues kick in. Here are my top tips for staying active on holiday Walk

One of the best things about being away is the opportunity to get lost exploring new places. And one of the best ways to do this is on foot. Assuming your locality is safe, take some time to familiarise yourself with your surroundings by walking. If you’re unsure of where you are going take your phone or map and water with you. I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to get to know a location, people and relax.   Run

Once you have a sense of your surroundings why not step it up and go for a run.  This could be a 10 minute jog around the hotel grounds, along the beach, a longer distance or try some hill training. Wear decent running shoes and take care if training on unfamiliar surfaces like sand, dirt roads. Be sure to check the direction of traffic when crossing and running along the roadside. Stay hydrated in warmer climates. In many hot countries it is not advisable to run (walk even) during the day especially between 11am – 2pm, so it may be best to stick to pre-dawn and evening runs. Move

The one piece of equipment you take everywhere with you is your body. Body weight training is versatile, fun and challenging. Try this quick workout if you fancy taking the pace up a bit.

3 rounds for time:

Sprint 400 metres

Air squat: 50

To increase the intensity; increase the number of rounds from 3 to 5. You can likewise decrease the rounds. Rest and reward are important and I’m not going to suggest you go on holiday to hit the hotel gym every day or run a 10k! 

Just consider that being away doesn’t have to mean sacrficing your long term goals especially if being active is now a part of part of your lifestyle.

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