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The 700 week transformation

Updated: Feb 17

This post’s been a long time coming, mainly because I couldn’t find a ‘before’ picture, when you’re over weight you hide from cameras – I did and I’m soooo grateful that I didn’t grow up under the lens of social media.

More recent friends and acquaintances tend to struggle with the idea that I was once 25kg (56lbs) heavier than I am today and even those who have known me all my life swear ‘you weren’t that big’. I don’t think I’m even at my biggest here on the left aged 23 in 2003, as it was a year later that I decided to lose weight, a decision I still thank myself for making as I’m now comfortably about 67/68kg on the right in December 2016.

It took about a year in all to loose all the weight. From what I recall, the first 28lbs came off quickly the rest over a few months. Finding a balance and maintaining a healthy weight remains an on-going process. There are days when the fat girl wins and we now call these ‘cheat days’. However it’s gratifying to be at a point where I can unashamedly say I love what I see when I look in the mirror, because its been hard earned.

Loosing weight and changing your lifestyle is not about diet. You can eat donuts and still loose weight but you won’t be very healthy for it. Gaining health, vitality and peace of mind, begins with an internal motivation and a vision you hold for yourself that things can improve. And more often than not this vision is about everything other than weight or food itself. Holding onto an idea of your ‘best self’ can lift you from being a statistic. It’s a sad fact that 95% of all people who loose weight will regain it and more within 3 years. And yes, you have to adopt new habits and learn to like them, you will likely shed friends, lovers, jobs, deep rooted beliefs about yourself will surface but if you can survive that, then the odds start shifting in your favour.

12 week transformations are great at kick-starting this process, forming new habits and delivering results, but I often wonder what next for every one of those before and after pictures, because the real battle starts day one of week 13. If we changed our expectations of weight-loss programmes, trainers and ourselves lasting and sustainable transformation is a possibility. I’m proud to say the girl in the picture was me and in some ways still is. I love her, bless her and remain thankful to her for making the decision to change in November 2004. I can’t imagine what life would be like otherwise! As I type this week 680 odd of my ongoing transformation, I remain a work in progress which excites and drives me because none of us are ever really finished are we?

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